Rental property loans are decided based on multiple factors such as having enough cash for a down payment, qualifications for government loans and the amount the buyer can afford for the property’s monthly cost. Hard money lends are specifically able to help make a rental property purchase more successful.

Fixing and flipping homes is a great investment opportunity where there is a lot of opportunity for people to buy less expensive homes. The process allows rehabs to be completed quickly

The 70% rule is an investment strategy in real estate to help an investor take on less risk, but still make money. This strategy has been very successful for other fix and flip investors in making profitable borrowing decisions

Before you jump into a hard money loan investment, it’s important to note a few key aspects that will make the process much smoother. We know that credit scores do not play a sole, defining role in this process. However, that doesn’t mean previous transactions, loan history etc. won’t be looked through prior. It will… Read More »What to Know Before Getting a Hard Money Loan

For those in the Houston area, getting funding for properties can sometimes be a challenge. Maybe you don’t have time to wait and go through the entire process of applying for a typical loan or maybe you just have no idea where to start. As previously mentioned, hard money loans are conventionally based on the… Read More »What to Know About Hard Money Lenders in Houston

We understand you may be on the fence about whether or not to invest in a hard money loan. Is it a good idea? Right from the beginning, it’s good to know there are various ways you can benefit off of these loans. In comparison to other loans, the process of obtaining funding for a hard… Read More »4 Advantages of Investing in Hard Money Loans