Always remember that hiring a good general contractor plays a huge part in the success of your real estate project. Not sure how to find one that is reliable? What kinds of questions do you ask? How do I know if I am getting a good price? As always, Priority Investor Loans (PIL) is here to help! Check out these six tips to have in your back pocket when interviewing general contractors.

    1. Get Recommendations: Begin with your friends, family and other connections to see if they can refer you someone they’ve used in the past. Using someone who you already know is reliable and previously did a good job makes it an easier process.
    2. Ask for References: Once you have a few contractors ready to meet, ask if they are willing to give you a list of previous customers. This way, these sources will help you see first-hand how their past projects were performed.
    3. Check Their Availability: Find out how many projects they have going on at one time. This will reveal their availability and commitment to your project. You want to make sure before committing, that they make you a priority.
    4. Get an Estimate: Do not sign a contract without knowing how much you are expected to pay. Make sure you are getting a good price, get bids from different contractors, compare their prices and break down the cost.
    5. Know the Schedule: Make sure you both know your payment schedule (make sure you stick to it!), and the date of completion. It’s best to get it in writing so that those two elements are secure during the entire process.
    6. Communicate: Be sure you are communicating with your general contractor often as to avoid any errors down the road. Do not hesitate to contact them for questions regarding their services.

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