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 Why Hard Money

Top 6 Reasons Real Estate Investors Use Hard Money


Have you wondered why hard money loans are so commonly used by serious real estate investors? Here are 6 reasons why you might want to take a closer look at our financial services.

  1. Closing Time: Conventional loans are a long and stressful process; they can take 30-45 days to close. At Priority Investor Loans, we can close your next project in less than 10 days. Take ownership faster so you can get property back on market sooner.

  2. Distressed Properties: Traditional lenders require formal home inspections and will often not finance properties in need of extensive repairs. We specialize in financing “rehab” properties; we’ll finance the purchase price and the repairs needed. No need to worry about the condition of the property.

  3. Buyer Qualifications: Conventional lenders are government regulated so they require a long list of documents from you. Our application process is a simple one-page application and we require minimal paperwork to get you approved. In some cases, the loan can be complexly asset-based.

  4. Offer Appeal: When submitting an offer to a distressed property owner, nothing is more appealing than seeing a cash offer. With our streamline application process and fast closing, you can rest assure that your next bid will have the appeal of a cash offer.

  5. Real Estate Experience: Traditional lenders are loan originators by profession, they often have no real estate experience. With over 25 years of combined real estate investment experience, we understand construction, the market, and your investment goals. We are here to support you and insure your success.

  6. Liquidity: When financing an investment property, conventional lenders require a sizable down payment and don’t finance repairs. At priority investor loans, we finance up to 75% of the ARV, so whether you prefer a larger emergency fund or are looking for a second project, we make sure to keep more in your pocket. So whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or someone looking to get started in real estate, we can help you get more.


Out-of-Pocket Comparison:

Purchase Price: $120,000
Repairs Needed: $20,000
After-Repair-Value: $200,000

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