This is why smart investors use Priority Investor Loans.


“Why Priority Investor Loans? As a young investor it is important to have a hard money lender in your corner. While many hard money lenders don’t care if you succeed or fail, Priority makes certain your deals are solid. Their appraisers are not only highly accurate, but help you understand what repairs need to be made to bring the property to its highest and best use. Their quick inspection process means you get your money fast allowing you to pay your contractors on time. While we have many choices in lending, Priority Investor Loans remains our choice for quality hard money lending.”

Kim Frost
Hestia Hermes Properties, LLC
Houston, TX


“Our experience with Priority Investor Loans has been a great and incredible working experience. If you want to work with a group that will have your back and interest in mind, P.I.L. is your best choice. LMCS Ventures Inc.”

Maria Sanchez
Investor Houston, TX
LMCS Ventures, Inc.


“Dimitri, I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to invest in real estate again. With the lending market so tight, it is just tough to get a loan period, but Priority Investor Loans opened up a new avenue for me. You have done an outstanding job, working with me to get loans closed quickly and with ease. I appreciate the business relationship we have developed, and look forward to doing many more loans with you! Thanks Again!”

Ryan Loofboro
Realtor-Clear Lake, Texas


“I just wanted to thank you for the fastest closing that I have ever seen, and for making the loan process as smooth as possible. I am recommending some of my friends to your company and know that they will be taken care of, as you have taken care of me. Thanks again!”

C&C Appraisers/Investor – Houston, TX